20170127_131409_001-e1490573930681.jpgYou will need:

10 bowling pins

1 bowling ball

1 writing prompt with written introduction

1 score board

1 graphic organizer (You can use the graphic organizer found here for FREE along with the score board and written introduction, or you can create your own.)

Duck tape for lines

How to Play:

  1. Create five teams that include 4-6 students. (Adjust depending on the size of your class.)
  2. Have each team choose their bowling order. If your numbers are not even, then some students will need to bowl twice to make up for the missing team members. For example, if all groups have five players and there is one with four players,  one player from the group of four will bowl twice.
  1. There will be two rounds of bowling, and each student will bowl one time per round.
  2. If the player knocks down all ten pins, he or she will receive a strike (15 points).
  3. If the player knocks down one to nine pins, they will receive one point for each pin. For example, if the player knocks down five pins, he or she will receive five points.
  4. If no pins are knocked down or there is a gutter ball, the group loses five points (-5 points).
  1. After bowling is over, the teacher will read the written introduction to the class. The entire class will write down the same thesis statement. However, the body paragraphs will be written based off the number of scored points from bowling:
  • The winning team will select which body paragraph they will write.
  • The second place team will select one out of the two remaining body paragraphs.
  • The third place team will write the leftover paragraph.  (If you had to create more than three teams, you can have the extra teams that had the lower scores write the third body paragraph as well.)

If you have any questions about the game, please feel free to contact me! Happy Bowling!


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