When will society realize that teachers are the real celebrities? Maybe, when we receive a pay raise, live in mansions, drive fancy cars, and have wild, night dance parties. Until then, they will have to deal with the fact that we make enough money to survive, we live in average-sized houses, drive a little under fancy cars, and have wild night parties grading papers and preparing for our daily lessons. So, how are we the real celebrities?

1. Celebrities are always in the news like teachers are the topic of conversation at the dinner table.

When students go home at night, they are sure to talk about their day with their family and friends. Most likely, our names come up in this conversation. A parent may ask, “How was school today?” The child could reply several different ways, which is usually “it was okay.” However, there is  always the child that likes to go beyond just “okay,” and the story begins with “my teacher Ms. or Mr. such-and-such.”

2. Celebrities are always being spotted by the paparazzi like teachers are by students out of school.

On several occasions, I have been out shopping and out of nowhere, a student of mine or not, will run up to me.  I was in the middle of a retail store, and I heard a girl yell, “Oh my god! Ms. Downey!” For that moment, I felt like a celebrity without the bodyguards. I was flattered, but also confused because I didn’t know who she was. Eventually, she said, “You don’t know me. I’m in the seventh grade, but my friends talk about you. I hope I am in your class next year.”

3. Celebrities are found and so are teachers.

If you have any social media accounts, they will find you. This is when coming up an alias name can be helpful unless you have a student who secretly works for the FBI or wants to be a detective. Students are so curious about our lives that instead of completing homework, they will spend hours trying to find us on social media sites or google. For example, my colleague had a student come to school one day and tell her how many parking tickets she had. From my own experience, I had a student find me on Facebook, and you better believe that night I went to tighten up on my security a little more. There is nothing on my Facebook page that would cause a stir, but I like to play it safe because students are very creative these days.

4. Celebrities have fans, and the students are our fans.

When you show up to a school event to support the students, they love it! They yell your name, and run up and give you hugs and high fives. They are so excited that you came, and they feel special.

What makes us the real celebrities? The students. We impact student lives in a positive light; therefore, we are the real celebrities.

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