Games are an excellent way to grab the interest of your students! My students struggled with cause and effect, so I created this matching game. It is a great way to review the topic in small groups, or it can be used as a classroom hunt!

Small Groups

When using this activity for small groups, I place all 48 cards into a medium-sized pencil pouch.  Because there are so many cards, I split the stack in half between two groups. As a group, the students work together to match the cause with its effect.


Afterwards, the students complete the worksheet below by taking the matching cards and connecting them into sentences using cause and effect keywords like so or because. Lastly, the students underline the cause and circle the effect.

Cause and Effect Matching Game-page-015

As an extension, you could have students write their own cause and effect sentences.

Classroom Hunt

Who doesn’t like a great scavenger hunt? Before class, hide the cause and effect cards around your room.  Seat a timer depending on your classes needs and let the students search the room for the cards and match them together. Once the students have found and matched all the cards have them work independently or in groups to complete the worksheet above.

More Game Details

This game includes 48 cards, and a worksheet! If you want to purchase this game, you can find it here. I recommend printing the cards on card stock and laminating them for future lifelong use!


Thank you for taking time to read my blog!


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