Last year, I was trying to find a way to review with my students before the state test. However, I wanted my review process to be student-centered. I wanted the students to work on assignments that they would enjoy, but they would learn at the same time. As a result, I created these engaging literacy activity cards that would allow my students to review for the state test. They include activities from flip books, posters, comic strips, and there are even slides that deal with technology like Google Slides and Docs, PowerPoint, and more. Since last year, these cards have come in handy for remediation and review, independent practices, and small groups.


After my students take their Common Formative Assessments (CFA), we have a Data Day.  The students get their tests back then they fill out a bar graph with their test scores. Afterwards, the students evaluate how they did on their tests by completing a, “How Did I Do?” sheet. On this handout, the students circle the correct answers, and they cross out the wrong ones. Afterwards, the students assess what they did to prepare for the test, and they write down their goals for the next test.  Lastly, the students sort their weaknesses and strengthens into a t-chart. The students then take the weaknesses and complete a literacy card to practice the weak objectives. There are ten cards for each objective, so students can select which assignment they would like to complete on their own. After they complete the work, they turn the assignment into the teacher to be graded for accuracy. The teacher then can have one-on-one mini conferences with students to go over each assignment.  The students can also complete more than one card depending on class time.

Independent Practice

Literacy activity cards are also great for independent practice. You can assign a literacy card based on the standard being taught for the day. For example, if the lesson is on cause and effect then the students can select a card to complete on cause and effect for the independent practice. This gives the students a chance to feel more in charge of their education. Instead of the teacher assigning one task for the whole class, the students can select an assignment on their own which leads to a student-centered approach.  Students love working independently on assignments, and if given the opportunity to select an assignment to complete based on their own liking then they will enjoy these literacy cards, so after modeling a lesson, the students work on one or two task cards then they have it check by the teacher for accuracy and remediation. Once the students finish the literacy cards, they can either move on to a new one or take a posttest to check for understanding in addition to the literacy card activity.

Small Groups

Lastly, students can use these cards in small groups. After assigning a pretest on an objective at the beginning of the week, I break the students into tiered groups based on the data from the pretest. Using the data from the pretest, you can separate students into small groups for practice. All you have to do is pass out a card to each group based on the results from the pretest, or you can let the students select one of the cards to complete on their own.

Grab the bundle by clicking here! It includes over 172 activity cards for fiction and nonfiction! Grammar cards are coming soon!


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